General Questions

There are many benefits of working with us! You will have way more free time for example. And you can concentrate on driving instead of doing other things. We book loads, handle insurance certificate requests, manage phone calls and e-mails, provide updates to the brokers, provide 24/7 support to drivers. If requested we do invoicing and billing (TURBO package users) too.

You, as a driver, are naturally committing to safely deliver the freight without loss or damage. That’s it. There are no any other commitments with using Cool dispatch. There are neither short-term nor long-term contract commitments. You can cancel the deal anytime if you’re not fully satisfied with our service. Just call us and say you wish to quit and we are done. We do not judge.

Almost all dispatch companies charge a weekly fee whether you book loads with them or not. We do not. We make money when you make money. Plain, simple and fair deal. There is NOTHING but $100 per truck per week. No hidden costs. No payable extras. No paying in advance.

Couldn’t be easier following our 3 step process. Simply apply for our service and sign documents received from us. Then e-mail it back along with your company documents (W-9, Authority Letter, Insurance). The entire process takes a few minutes and can be done on any device including your smart phone or tablet. After we review your application we can start working together. Usually it’s done during the same day.

Yes, it is mandatory. All owner-operators and carriers working with us are required to operate under their own motor carrier authority. We book loads and negotiate with brokers and shippers under your company name. Technically we are representing you and working for your company, under your name. Cool dispatch is never mentioned as a carrier.

Sure thing! All of us were new at some point. We’re looking for serious owner operators who want to put on miles at good rates. We’re not looking for excuses or hardheaded carriers who don’t wish to understand that the freight market is dynamic and rates fluctuate. However, as a new carrier it will be much more difficult for us to find you the truly great loads because too many brokers and shippers will not work with carriers whose MC Authority is less than six months. Or even one year sometimes. Once you’ve passed at least 6 months mark, almost every broker is available to you.

We could dispatch almost anything. But to keep things simple and lucrative we are trying to stick to dry Vans, Flatbeds, Reefers and Power Only. That’s because we specialised and established connections primarily for listed categories.

We are small company and trying to build friendly and close connection with all our drivers. For us you’re not only a number, but a friend and partner. Every dispatcher handles no more than 5 trucks. We do this to keep quality high and have enough time to provide you truly the best options available at the market. And your dispatcher is always at your disposal. He is assigned to you. Only in case of medical leave or vacation, somebody else will replace him temporarily.

Loads Related Questions

Sure thing. You’re not required to take every load that’s offered by your dispatcher. We work hard to find loads that fulfil your gross income requirements, special wishes or requests, day in a week (to position you in better place over the weekend, for example) but you’re able to decline any loads you don’t want to take. We will find another one. Non-forced dispatch offer, you remember?

If you are Muslim for example, then naturally we do not book loads with Pork or Alcohol involved. We do respect your religion believes and every special request you put out. If your truck is old or you are concerned to drive on snow, just tell us and we will respect such parameters in our load search.

We do work with Load boards brokers using professional board services. Also we are using well established connections with shippers to get good deal loads directly.

Simply put we do not do that! Many brokers or shippers will not even pay the invoice if they find out a load has been double brokered. Actually we are strictly a trucking dispatch agency which represents you, carriers and truck owner-operators. We believe this is the most honest and the best way to remain to do a business in transparent and honest way.

Send a clean copy of the signed BOL/POD to your finance person and he will complete the process. In case you have our Turbo package (that includes Finance services)  you can send that BOL to us and we’ll handle it from there. The sooner you send us the BOL, the sooner we can get everything processed and submitted for payment. Please be advised the BOL must be clean and photographed in well lit conditions, to avoid any issues with Factoring companies down the road.

We will always provide you everything needed for every load we booked. You will be briefed and well informed. We can provide the information over the phone, email, text message, WhatsApp…

It is totally up to you. You can, as majority of our clients, authorise us to that instead of you or you can sign the paper if you wish. In that case, once a rate confirmation is received your dispatcher will e-mail it to you for your signature. We will then e-mail it back to the shipper/broker and keep a copy for your records.

Money Related Questions

We do provide professional dispatch service and that is our core business. However a lot of drivers wants us to do a finance part of business for them and  do basically everything to complete the cycle (from booking a load to depositing money to banks account for that load). That is our TURBO package. Price is then $135 per week per truck, and we will book a load and you will send POD back to us. After that we will create the invoice and all related documents to deposit money to your bank account. This is completely optional service we had to offer based on requests from our clients.

Most brokers or shipper wish to wait minimum 30 to 45 days to get you paid for the load you delivered for them. It is their policy and it’s pretty much the same, regardless who you work with. Factoring company fills that cash flowing gap. They will pay you immediately for a small fee and they will wait a broker 2 months to pay them. Most drivers are using some sort of factoring company.

If you have our Turbo package we work with your factoring company to get you paid. We’ll handle all paperwork including invoicing, billing and all other required documents so you have nothing to worry about. We’ll then instruct them to deposit the money into your account.

It mostly depends on the person who does your finances, because most factors will pay you within 24 hours of receiving everything they need. Of course this means you need to provide the signed BOL as soon as possible. If you have our Turbo package and we handle your finances too, usually by the time you send  us the signed BOL, we already have the invoice and all documents prepared, so no delays at all. Turbo package is completely optional service.

Basically you have only two options. One is to wait 30-45 days to get paid directly by broker without any fee involved, or another option is to get a factoring company and get paid almost instantly (small fee involved). If you wish a factoring company we have factors we can recommend.

No big deal because you have us to watch your back. We will fight with the brokers to get you the detention you deserve. Unfortunately getting detention isn’t easy task because brokers are usually trying to avoid paying such things. You just need to get IN and OUT times clearly marked on your Proof of delivery document and let us handle the rest.

Of course we do that for you too. Please be advised fuel advances can be requested but every broker will have different terms and potential costs associated with this service.

Our offer is fair and simple. Dispatch service is $100 per week per truck. You pay us at the end of the week. If you wish additional finance services then you need our TURBO package and it cost only $35. There are no any other fees or costs.

You will never pay ahead. People get scammed all the time, so our approach is different. You will pay us at the end of the week. In that moment, money for the load we booked is already deposited at your bank account.

Flexibly as we are, you can pay us any way that works best for you. You can wire money to our bank account, use Western Union or MoneyGram, PayPal, Credit card. Completely up to you, because we are cool.

To allow us to do invoicing and other finance related tasks, you need our Turbo package. This package includes STANDARD dispatch package plus additional financing tasks. Price is $135 weekly, per truck. No other fees.