We provide professional dispatch service.

Cool dispatch is a professional company that specialises in dispatch service and driver support using experience, knowledge and modern technology.

Drivers should be only driving

Drivers should be doing what they do the best. You should drive, right? Let us take care of another things so you can concentrate on the road.

We adopt to your needs

The best paid load is not always the best option. We will find a load tailored for your current needs or requirements in a given moment.

Non-forced dispatch

We will find best load using our knowledge and market availability. If you do no like it, just say no. You will get a new one. No hard feelings.

Special Requirements

You have old truck? Then no heavy loads for you.
You do not like snow or mountains? Then flat it is.
You do not haul pork or alcohol. Respected.

Fair pricing

Offer is simple. One truck per week is only $100. Just one load or 5 in a week, doesn't matter. Week off or broken truck, you pay nothing. It's on us.

Support 24/7

Your truck broke down or you've got lost. Traffic issues or bad weather. We are here to support and find help near by or communicate with customers.

We do paperwork

Our job is to handle contracts and all related paperwork with brokers. You just need to focus on the road and collect your hard earned cash.

Pricing offers

Deal is simple. Only $100 per week, per truck. Paying at the end of the week.
However, if you need us to do a finance for you and load the money to your bank account, then check out our TURBO package.


$135weekly per truck
  • All from STANDARD package PLUS:
  • Handling Proof of Delivery documents
  • Invoicing your loads to Factoring Company
  • Finance related comunications
  • Weekly finance reports

Drivers talk to us 612-213-1095 or email info@cooldispatch.com

Feel free to contact us about any question you may have on top of your mind. We are happy to work with clients from all over the United States.


Proud to have well established connections with the most respectable brokerage companies: